Plant Resources

Indoor Jungle
Does your living quarters look more like the rainforest than a house? If so, don’t miss!
Gardening Feng Shui
Are you into Feng Shui? Like Gardening? This is the site for you! A must see.
Sub-Tropical Gardening
A great site with photo albums, recipes, a seed exchange, information and more!
Creative Home And Gardening
Help and resources for the homemaker.
Feng Shui Techniques
A wonderful site dedicated to Fung Shei Techniques!
Garden Web
A great site for plant lovers. They have seed and plant exchanges, including ones especially for tropical plants. They also have quesion and answer forums and a plant dictionary. A+++
Growing And Using Herbs
A site dedicated to growing and enjoying herbs!
Tropicals And Exotics
Another tropical plants site with many links, articles and more!